Deep Eddy Vodka

 Deep Eddy Vodka got in touch when they needed an update to their brand video for 2012 and for 2013. They're a local Austin company, making great vodka. We inherited the content of their 2011 brand video, shot all new interviews, b-roll of new bottles and Deep Eddy events, and made some big upgrades to this project. In addition to the brand video, we also created an entirely original piece on Deep Eddy's unique distillation process. Both videos really turned out great;  you can't go wrong when you've got people talking about their passion.

Deep Eddy 2013 Brand Video

Deep Eddy Distillation Video

Producer Lyn Graft

Directed by Stuart McSpadden and Lyn Graft

Edited by Stuart McSpadden and Paul Pryor