Gute Reisen


It has been one month since I’ve had my own room, and here I am sitting here, playing music, drinking a Kellerbier, and soaking up the fact that this is my space.

And I don’t fully know what to do. It’s 8 pm, and the rain has come to Munich. All reports are that this is what Fall is like. 

Placed a massive order on Amazon for primarily coffee and electricity related accesories. I put my address in there, and I’m assuming the system will work. My understanding is that if the package doesn’t make it to my hands it will be taking to the nearest branch of Deutsche Post. As it happens the nearest branch is a small coffee shop, bakery, and post office. 

I went there the other day to deal with some DHL shipping information, and the guy behind the counter was fantastic. Bald, a scar from the top of his head down to his right eye brow. A blue v-neck shirt a little too tight, and he looked at my passport and said “Texas……….. Dallassssssss……. J.R.” I thought I’d make things a little interesting and started to say “Ich bin nicht aus Dallas” but before I could get out more than “Ich bin” he said “Ich bin ein Berliner…. JFK… America.” 

For a moment I was certain I would look out the window and see I had walked much further east than I thought, and I was somewhere in Albania. 

Later that night I did get to met a real Albanian. We set in a group of about 6 people, eating smoked alaskan salmon, drinking beer, and talking politics. We talked for a long time about the refugees. All the Europeans around me were solidly in favor of taking them in. I asked the question I’ve been thinking about, which is that if the refugees are a symptom how do we treat the disease?

I think I’m on the precipice of a romantic entanglement with a German gal. We’ve spent some time together, we’ve been trading messages, she doesn’t mind my shit German. It does, however, encourage me to work harder on my listening and speaking. I’ve been looking into classes at the Volkshochschule. 100 Euros, 3 hours a day, 4 days a week, for 2 months, a deep dive to be sure. Totally necessary. 

Now that I’m sitting in an apartment with only paperwork and footsteps between me and the visa, it’s time to really get it going. I just hope it doesn’t mean I have to curtail my beer intake.