Gute Reisen

One of those weird music things


Shortly before I left I had one of my last evenings just chasing music. I haven’t had one of those yet in Germany, but I know I’ll get back to my old past time before too long. 

On this night I was down the rabbit hole with Uwe Schmidt, a little known electronic music producer that’s responsible for Señor Coconut, a fake latin big band that does covers of classic electronic music tracks, and many other strange projects. A massive catalog collection of his work is on Apple Music and some of it is real weird, and some of it is crap, and some of it is really weird crap, but there’s some gems in there too. And one really caught me:

I don’t know exactly what it is, but I immediately loved this strange discordant ditty. I sent it around to a few friends, and then just kept listening to those sweet back up singers at 0:33.

This track has been on my phone since I arrive here and I’ve played it many times, it’s also fun to whistle that melody. 

So last week I was standing out in front of an Octoberfest tent, texting like mad trying to track down my party pals, and what do I hear from the Polka Band on stage? The same fucking melody. I stood slightly amazed at the beautiful serendipity. I’ve since heard the song a few more times at Oktoberfest. So I came home, and dug up a website that catalogs samples in songs, and found way down in the comments a cantankerous comment from a German letting everyone know from whence that sweet melody came:

This is a super weird song. It’s about mourning for Summer during the winter. The titles is basically “When will it REALLY be Summer again?”

However the lyrics are particularly odd, I won’t translate the entire song, but here are some highlights

“We were brown, but now the browns are white because we are always refrigerated.”

“A sheep was lucky if you shaved it, and in it was like in Africa where if you wanted you could get naked.”

and later the mailman blames the SPD, one of the major German political parties for the thousand feet of snow.

Obviously there’s a lot of cultural context here, and in-jokes that I don’t get, but I do love it when something strange leads to something stranger leads to a magical music moment culminating in a truly bizarre cultural artifact.

And thank god for the internet, Apple Music, and youtube, cause otherwise I might have been able to memorize some grammar rules in the time I spent chasing this nonsense down.