Gute Reisen

Wir feiern uns ein neues Jahr!

Just a short post on something I wanted to document today, working on something big and highly self indulgent for my birthday, get ready!

One year ago I was at a house party in Austin, I'd solidified my decision to move to Germany only a few days before when I'd cleared it with with my parents. And secured lodging for my tiny cat angel. After getting annoyed with the music at the party, I took it over, put on Todd Terje, and at midnight I pulled the top off of a Schneider Weisse Bier, took a deep pull and promised myself I'd be in Germany the next year.

And one year later I was eating Raclette, watching "Dinner for One" and introducing a beautiful girl from the Black Forrest to a sour beer made by Schneider Weisse. We drink beer, wine, and whiskey before midnight, and walked out onto a nearby bridge. We drank "Jacky Coke," and toasted to Jessi's sister who had just gotten engaged. The Germans, as far as I have seen, go god damn ape shit for Fireworks, and they are legal in the city, so it's like a war zone, I couldn't see the other side of the bridge due to all the smoke. Cars and busses were driving by and explosions were going off everywhere. This was before we knew about the terror alert.

The next morning Jessi and I were victims of a hellacious "Kater," or hangover. We made it down to Garmisch to watching hours of ski jumping, which was great, but neither of us felt in the right spirit to be waiving the German flags that were being handed out. We made it though the day and onto the incredibly crowded train back to Munich. I left with the impression that Jessi and I wouldn't be going out again. Ah well, it was all worth it for one simple moment night before, I asked if she liked country, she said yes, and she put something on that she could immediately tell didn't pass my sniff test. I put on Night Life, and I couldn't tell if she really liked it, but what mattered to me most was that here I am, some doofus from Texas, come all this way just to indulge myself, and I'm still putting Night Life on, being moved by it in a new way. 

This morning I got up, still feeling my Kater a bit, so I went for a long walk, and captured some of the remains of New Years in Munich. Jessi was honestly surprised when I told her that Fireworks in Texas are illegal in the cities. She asked, "but isn't everything legal there?" The Wild West lives on. I guess next year everyone will just be firing the guns they already have on them.

Here's the view from the street: