Gute Reisen

Meine Kollegen

So I don’t know if it’s just that I’ve never had office-mate, co-workers or colleagues ever before, but I’m really enjoying the people that I work with. After the first week of no lunch invitations I was worried that I was going to be a loner, but I’ve been taken in by some of the designers and a large part of the marketing team, and it’s fascinating and fun. And my social circle is slowly expanding. I worry a little, because there’s precious few Germans at the company, and they all understandably have lives of their own. However, I’m enjoying the cards life has dealt me here, so I’m going to enjoy it, and I'll worry about diversity later.

These grew out of two pictures I wanted to take of specific facial expressions of Kaloyan and Dayana. They are both Bulgarian, but I don’t have enough Bulgarian information to really contextualize that in a meaningful way. However, if they're any indication of an average Bulgarians, I hope to meet more.


I’ve been lucky to work near Kaloyan at both the desks I’ve had at the job so far. He came in from Denmark with the marketing team that was brought in-house. He’s originally from Bulgaria, and in 9 months he’s already found a group of Bulgarians to pal around with. He’s a designer, so he’s been a huge help to be just getting a handle on look and feel of the brand, etc. I helped him fix his bike up one Saturday and we went pedaling around. He’s a great guy, very nice, but oddly old fashioned sometimes. When I told him my roommate asked if I would pee sitting down, since I was making a bit of a mess, Kaloyan said, “What the fuck, she lives with a guy, what does she expect?” I think “What the fuck?” might be one of his favorite sayings, but he only makes this special face when he really means it.


Turns out Dayana wanted to be an actress but her dad told her that she couldn’t. When I put her in front of the camera I immediately assumed that she had been there before, but she said no. She’d been on Bulgarian state television, but that was a long time ago. Her old office used to look right out into the hall that I’d walk into every morning, and once she peeked up from her desk and as I walked by gave me an enormous wink. She’s a capricorn and a dancer, so when she heard there was plans to make a video that featured dancing I was called to a long meeting over coffee with her to discuss the music. 


So once word got out I could take a photo, I was getting requests to take shots for social media profiles. I’m happy enough to do so, but I was anxious when Piper asked me. Back somewhere in my first week or two of work, the CEO swept in, grabbed me, and said OK we are going to shoot 4 videos right now, here we go. One featured an interview with a harried Piper, who I barely knew, and on top of that I didn’t really understand the video I was making. No one was happy with what I made, and I always felt bad about it. Now I’ve shot a number of photos of Piper, but he doesn’t seem pleased with any of them. However, I like these two.


Whenever I have a question for Jacob his answer is always, "let’s go outside and talk about it." We head to the balcony, he lights a cigarette, and we inevitably end up talking about something else. I look forward to socializing with him more, but he’s often in Prague seeing his lady love. One stormy Munich night I went to his apartment, and we drank Corona’s and played music. I suspect there are some bad cover bands in this man’s past, but playing the “Carmelita” with him was good fun. 


Karena has a mysterious past, and I’ll eventually get the story. She’s American and she’s been a real god send to me, someone I immediately understand how we relate to and how to talk to. If I’ve got a sister at work, this is her. She’s got a ton of marketing experience, and was at Bose for a number of years, so she’s like a real working person. My odd habits of grunting and talking to the computer seem especially egregious now that she’s sitting near me. She’s the person I go to when there seems to be some office politics going on that I don’t fully understand. At a co-worker’s birthday recent she told me that she didn’t really want to tell me her whole story, cause she thinks I’m going to have a dust-up with my boss and get the axe. Dude’s gonna have to work a lot harder than he has to get under my skin. Anyway, after Piper asked for his LinkedIn shots, Karena wanted in on the action. The word is spreading in the office.